DLAA Corporate Officers & Board of Directors


Jeff Lindsey, CDT – President

Peter Morosky, CDT – Vice President

Frank Manfre – Secretary/Treasurer & Sponsorship Chairman


Adam Miller, CDT – Immediate Past President

Thomas “Buddy” Wester, CDT, TE – At Large Board Member & Education Chairman

Executive Director

Frank Manfre

Board Member Roles

Education Chair – Leads the Association in identifying topics and speakers of interest for the members and handles the logistics of CE issuance by NBC.

Membership Chair – Serves as an advocate and representative of the Association’s members with regard to the value they derive from being a member. Also works to grow DLAA’s membership.

Sponsor Chair – The person in this role is focused on attracting and supporting supplier sponsors and meeting exhibitors and delivering value to them so that they provide the financial support that’s vital to the Association living its mission to bring world-class dental technology and management CE to Alabama.

Nomination & Election of Board Members

From DLAA bylaws: Article IV Board of Directors, Section 1 Composition – The Board shall be comprised of seven members and shall include four (4) Officers: President, President Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past President; and two (2) Directors. Officers will automatically move from Secretary Treasurer to President Elect to President. Each Officer will serve a one (1) year term beginning on October 1 and ending on September 30. Each Director will serve two-year terms and will be automatically move to the position of Secretary/Treasurer as an officer at the end of the two (2) year term. For elective offices, one or two representatives per member laboratory may serve at any given time. The voting membership shall be encouraged to select a Board of Directors that is representative of the total membership and all geographic regions of the State.  Paramount consideration should be given to leadership ability and willingness to serve. Nothing shall prohibit one from serving additional terms as a member of the Board, if duly elected or appointed. All members of the Board shall have full voting privileges. If a vacancy occurs in any office of the Association other than the office of President, the Board may fill the unexpired term.